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The Avenue Methodist Church
and Living Well Centre

Wincham Road, Sale, Cheshire M33 4PL

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Church Office: 0161 973 1832 or Email:
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" Love is.... " = "Mission is ..."
The "Love is" cartoons much in vogue a few years ago capture both the essence and the breadth of what might be described as the mission of the church. The Avenue's Mission is to be a practical expression of God's love in God's world. There are scholarly definitions that differentiate between mission and evangelism, but for all practical purposes it is for those of us who have experienced God's love for ourselves to tell about that experience and share that love in practical ways with other people.

Everything that we do individually as followers of Jesus Christ and as a church in the name and in the Spirit of Jesus Christ is part of our mission.

Historically, many Christians have talked about (and raised money for) mission at home or overseas as two separate entities, but improved travel, media and communications has meant that anything that we do in one part of the world is broadcast in some way and impacts upon what is happening elsewhere.

The Avenue Methodist Church is rightly thrilled that a recent review showed how its own members and groups associated with us have made a difference to the lives of many people at home and overseas. As we develop this website, we will provide more photos under the Mission Heading that will show how the love of God is being shared in practical ways in and through our church. If anything that we do is of particular interest, please feel free to enquire as to how you might donate to specific projects or become involved personally in them.

'Alpha @ The Avenue' in the Living Well Centre at 7pm beginning January and September.

'Alpha @ Home' post-Alpha discussion group house fellowship at 7.30pm (normally held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month).
For dates and further information please contact the Church Office on 0161 973 1832 or avenue

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Above: Some Nigerian theological students, participants in the Cliff College International Training Centre.programme, receiving books partly funded by The Avenue Church.

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Above: City Centre Missions in Manchester whose work The Avenue Church supports.

Sunday Services
9.30am 1st and 3rd Sundays - Celebrate (Family service)

9.30am 2nd Sunday - Communion Service

10.00am Sunday (Quarterly) All age worship - see weekly notices for details - bring cake to share after the service.

10.45am Traditional service (Communion monthly)

Church Events.
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Church Newsletter
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Inside our Church
The Avenue Methodist Church,Wincham Road, Sale, Cheshire M33 4PL. Telephone 061 973 1832
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