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The Avenue Methodist Church
and Living Well Centre

Wincham Road, Sale, Cheshire M33 4PL

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Church Office: 0161 973 1832 or Email:
Minister: 07771 624885 or email:

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All the pictures below can be clicked on to take you to a larger image where you can see the individual area in more detail. 

The church worship area shown below is octagonal and is used for worship and concerts or other musical events. It could be used for seminars, or away-days, or as a large meeting place, as it seats 250, has an organ, conservatory grand piano and a sound system incorporating an induction loop. There are also 4 TV monitors for digital presentations.

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We have a large L-shaped social area (Rooms 1 and 2) which can be partitioned to provide two large rooms, with carpet, tables and chairs and includes the hatch and cafe area with the kitchen next door. Capacity 70 - 80 people seated. There is a large Hall, marked out for badminton, and very suitable for uniformed organisations, or for children's parties. On the former stage is a medium-sized meeting room, holding about 25 people. Behind the stage is a small meeting room (Room 6) for about 12 people. The Vestry or Quiet Room is peaceful, having settees and upright chairs, suitable for small, confidential or prayer meetings.

Upstairs (by lift or stairs) is a room with carpet, suitable for a variety of activities, and holding 30-35 people. Room 4 is suitable for young children for parties or activities. This room has en-suite toilets for children.. Room 5 upstairs is suitable for craft activities or training, and holds 12 people comfortably.

All the rooms listed are available for hire, and a brochure can be sent to enquirers or tours of the premises can be arranged.

Examples of current hire charges are:
Hall: £18 per hour

Kitchen: £6.50 & £12 per hour.

Rooms 1, 2, 3 & 4: £15 per hour each.

Quiet Room and Room 5,6: £12 per hour.

Stage room: £6.50 per hour

Charges for Concerts:
Performing Right Society Licence requirements charge:£46 +

Church £85

Hall £85

Rooms 1, 2 and Kitchen £85

Rehearsals in Church (2 hours) £58

All the pictures below are links which when clicked on will open as a bigger image to see what facilities are available.

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Above: Rooms 1 and 2.     

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Above: Living Well Centre cafe area.

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Above: Room 5.     

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Above: Room 6

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Above: Meeting room (Room 3).

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Above: Prayer room and quiet room.

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Above: Room 4.

The Avenue Methodist Church,Wincham Road, Sale, Cheshire M33 4PL. Telephone 061 973 1832
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